With everything that has happened in recent months and along with the global need to reinvent the fashion industry, we decided to collaborate in a collection of contemporary pieces.

About us

We had been thinking for some time about exploring and developing other areas of design: objects, bags ... while reinforcing the same values and strong identity established by Gabriela Mora Jewelry since its beginning. We decided to take a new approach to product design by collaborating with Guadua, the design brand that Mara Angulo and Daniela Canessa have created.

We have known Mara for about a year and since we met her, we loved her. Her ideas, her desire and her professionalism! For the past year she has been in charge of Gabriela Mora's visual communication and styling part.

About Guadua

Guadua was established in 2020 by Mara Angulo and Daniela Canessa, after graduating from The Istituto Europeo Di Design in Madrid. Focusing on a continuation of ancestral techniques and the decontextualization of local materials from Bolivia and Ecuador (their countries of origin), the brand combines a timeless perspective with contemporary attitudes which form a unique yet subtle signature.

About the collaboration

The original intention was to use handmade fabrics brought from Bolivia and Ecuador and innovate through design. For now, due to the current situation, we have made the decision to work with a small local business that offers limited fabrics, many of them being old pieces and therefore unique and exclusive.

By partnering with artisans specialized in leather goods, craftsmanship and laser cut, we incorporate these techniques into our market bags and leather interchangeable straps turning them into statement pieces for the everyday.

As mentioned before, our fabrics are dead-stock, vintage or otherwise one-of-a-kind. We work hard to source original and responsible fabrics.

On the other hand, our handles are made of “PPMA”, a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer known more commonly by the trade name “plexiglass.” This material gives us the opportunity to explore the strength of geometrical shapes and understanding conceptual jewelry through the “laser cut” technique turning our bags into unique and contemporary pieces.

Together, we created a collection that embodies the architectural approach and abstract character that Gabriela Mora Jewelry brings to the process along with Guadua’s desire to continue and refresh craftsmanship as well as decontextualize local banal materials from Bolivia and Ecuador.

The production is entirely located in Spain between Madrid and La Coruña. All this, in collaboration with a small sewing workshop in the old city of La Coruña founded by Tamara, an inspiring woman and skilled artisan.

It hasn’t been easy. Zoom has been our principal ally. But we truly believe the future is collaboration. That old boring need to compete is obsolete.

Thank you for supporting us! Without your support this collaboration could not exist. Because of you, we are able to fulfill our dreams while empowering a team of women and creators.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

GBMO & Guadua