With everything that has happened in recent months and along with the global need to reinvent the fashion industry, we decided to collaborate in a collection of contemporary pieces. The original intention was to use handmade fabrics brought from Bolivia and Ecuador and innovate through design. For now, due to the current situation, we have made the decision to work with a small local business that offers limited fabrics, many of them being old pieces and therefore unique and exclusive. Together, we created a collection that embodies the architectural approach and abstract character that Gabriela Mora Jewelry brings to the process along with Guadua’s desire to continue and refresh craftsmanship as well as decontextualize local banal materials from Bolivia and Ecuador. It hasn’t been easy. Zoom has been our principal ally. But we truly believe the future is collaboration. That old boring need to compete is obsolete. Join us on this journey, we are here for the long run!